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Restyle - Sewing Inspiration

Restyle is a brand that I've been eyeing up for some time. When they first made their debut in the alternative and goth fashion scene they were mostly making gothic clothing with a lolita or slightly vintage edge to them. Most notably they were known for their cameo purses and corsets, which you might have seen around. With each passing collection their style grows ever more refined, and their jewelry now, in my humble opinion, beats out anything that Alchemy has produced. Their design team has a good understanding of form and structure, with a strong aesthetic sensibility. They, like a small handful of other brands, are paving the way for the future of goth and alt fashion. It's no wonder that I've been taking inspiration from their designs. 

I often bookmark or save images of my favorite garments, and when I was using Pinterest I had plenty of Restyle clothing saved to my boards. Due to financial limitations, I'll probably never be able to afford a true Restyle coat or dress, so the best I can do is incorporate their aesthetic into my own style through sewing. 

This brand inspires me to play with geometric forms, textures, and styles. It has me thinking critically about how clothing can fit my body, more specifically, how to use design lines and materials to accentuate my figure.

If you're looking for something to get your creative juices flowing for your next sewing endeavor, I recommend perusing their catalog here.

Do you have a brand that inspires you?



  1. this brand has the worst brand name...i've seen their clothing around, but for some reason no one links to them. Googling "restyle brand" "restyle goth clothing" always gets strange results--lol thanks for actually linking to them. I've been looking for a new goth brand since Killstar's gotten a little too babybat for me.

    1. Yes, they're based in Poland so it takes some searching to get the correct site. It's confusing for me because in the 90's or 00's I think either Walmart or Zellers had a teen clothing brand of the same name. It's long gone but I still remember the platform shoes that I used to own with the words Restyle written on the side lol. I find Killstar clothing is looking awfully costumey lately... it's nice to see them serving up some plus sized options but damn, it looks like a cheap Halloween costume catalog, especially with those ugly bat wing purses.